Valorant Receives Awful Reviews After Launch

Category: VALORANT, Date: 03/Jun/2020

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Riot Games

Players for the new first-person shooter game Valorant have been sharing their reviews on the game and they have been nothing but ruthless.

Valorant’s official launch was on June 2, where all players around the world were now capable of playing the game and testing it out for themselves. That prompted an increase in review numbers in regard to the game.

The reviews though on Metacritic give the impression that a lot of players aren’t enjoying the game. Even though the game managed to have millions watching it on Twitch while it was still in Beta. The review website though had a massive number of negative reviews that some suggested that it might be the doing of trolls.


Valorant was rated 3.7 by what seems to be troll reviews, the rating has increased to 4.1 after the news was shared on social media.

One of the reviews said: “Piece of crap I feel like I’m playing a cheap clone of Overwatch and CS:GO. The game is so slow and you don’t feel the weapon at all. Gameplay is boring.”

Another commented: “The pure trash. Can’t believe that this has been released in 2020. Shame on you Riot.”


For now, it’s not clear whether these are genuine reviews or the actions of trolls trying to ruin Valorant’s image for new players if the website is being targeted with coordinated false reviews Metacritic might have to start removing those reviews.