Valorant Pro Player Sinatraa Accused Of Sexual Abuse By His Ex-Girlfriend

Category: VALORANT, Date: 25/Mar/2021

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Blizzard Entertainment

Ex-pro Overwatch player now Valorant pro player Jay ‘Sinatraa’ Won has been accused of sexual abuse by his ex-girlfriend Cleo ‘cle0h’ Hernandez.

On March 9, Sinatraa’s ex-girlfriend Cleo shared a 9 page Word document on Twitter where she explained in detail how she “lived in constant fear” during their 9 month relation.

Cleo alleges that Sinatraa would force himself upon her and wouldn’t stop if she asked him to during sex, he would claim that he was “so close” each time.

“Eventually, I would rather just say ‘yes’ and lay there until he was done than fight him on the ‘no’,” she wrote in the ‘J’ document.

“I remember one day… he wanted to have sex. I didn’t have an excuse, [so] I just let it happen and laid there and stared at the ceiling with him on top of me, his weight crushing my chest. I think about staring at that ceiling every day.”

“If I included everything, this document would be over 15 pages long.”

Cleo also accused Sinatraa of lying and manipulation and that he would consistently emotionally abuse her throughout the relationship. She shared dozens of text messages, Discord logs, and an audio file to back up her accusations.

“I’m sure you can recognize his voice,” she said.

Screenshots via @cle0h on Twitter.

“I’ve called sexual assault survivor hotlines countless times. Spent over a year of my life in therapy trying to heal myself and get back what he took from me.”

“He used to check my location to see where I was, which was fine, but sometimes it would glitch and he’d instantly accuse me of cheating. He was so insecure he would push me into a corner and make me beg him not to break up with him,” Cleo said.

Sinatraa has yet to respond to the recently-posted “J” document accusing him of sexual abuse. His team the Sentinels did not release a public statement yet either.