Valorant Leak Showcases Weapon Skins and Bundles

Category: Valorant, Date: 05/April/2020

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Riot Games

A well-known data miner has revealed Valorant’s in-game cosmetics, which gives us a look at the game’s weapons and skin bundles.

Riot Games has set to launch the closed beta this week on April 7, and data miners have already started revealing information they found game’s files.

One interesting leak from FireMonkey is that Riot plans on integrating an β€˜evolving skin’ system into their battle pass, which will be reliant on Radianite Points (obtained via the battle pass or in-game store) to upgrade the cosmetic.

FireMonkey also revealed some weapon skin bundles that look set to appear in the closed beta or maybe until the official launch.

Some of the skins that were revealed might have been seen already in early access gameplay.

Players might recognize some of the weapon skins if they tuned in to the Valorant Twitch Rivals, the Fantasy (purple and gold), Iridescence (blue accents) and Arcade MP5 (red and off-white).

A Hyperbeast and Luxury have been leaked, additionally, the Hypebeast bundle will equip your Agent with a gold Axe instead of the typical knife.

Another leak is the pistol skins that are standalone items.

Data miners also revealed a live preview of the Fantasy skin on the Operator, which appears to be a reactive camo, which responds when a shot is fired

Keep in mind that nothing as of yet is confirmed and they are subject to change before the official release.