Riot Games Announce Valorant Season 1: Release Date And Regions

Category: VALORANT, Date: 01/Jun/2020

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Riot Games

Riot Games have announced the release date and the regions Valorant’s first season ‘Episode 01: Ignition’ will launch on.

The first season of Valorant will officially launch on June 2. The teaser image features artwork from Ascent, Italy. The teaser confirms that a new map will be launching alongside the game.


A new Agent in the form of Reyna, a blood-thirsty Duelist will also be joining Valorant on the release date.

Valorant release date & times

  • Korea, Japan & Asia-Pacific: 4:00 PM (PST – June 1) / 7:00 PM (EST – June 1) / 12:00 AM (BST – June 2).
  • Europe, Turkey, Middle-East, North Africa, Russia & CIS: 10:00 PM (PST – June 1) / 1:00 AM (EST – June 2) / 6:00 AM (BST – June 2).
  • North America, Latin America & South America: 5:00 AM (PST – June 2) / 8:00 AM (EST – June 2) / 1:00 PM (BST – June 2).

The game will launch on different regions first, starting with Korean, Japanese, and Asian servers. Followed by European, Middle-Eastern, North Africa, Russia, and CIS servers six our later. North America, Latin America, and South America 13 hours after that.

Valorant will feature a battle pass-like system, which players will be able to play and complete in the season.