First Look Of VALORANT’s Agent 14 In A New Cinematic

Category: VALORANT, Date: 09/Jan/2020

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Riot Games

Just days before VALORANT Episode Two launches, fans received a cinematic giving them a first look at Agent 14.

In the Cinematic titled “RETAKE,” we can see Agent 14 alongside Phoenix working on defusing a spike while confronting Cypher, Jett, and Viper. 

Agent 14 can be heard talking to Phoenix while he fights off Jett and Viper, he then emerges from a rift between dimensions to save Phoenix from being sniped by Cypher. They both then take down Jett and Viper before defusing the spike.

The cinematic pretty much gives an idea of Agent 14’s potential abilities, one ability that stands out is traveling through dimensions while only leaving behind his footsteps, and some sort of teleport ability he uses during his combat with Jett.

Episode Two will kick off on January 12, which will reveal more information on Agent 14 and his abilities.