Asmongold Criticizes Valorant Streamers For Misleading Twitch Viewers

Category: VALORANT, Date: 18/6Apr/2020

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Asmongold slams Valorant streamers for misleading Twitch viewers
Twitch: Asmongold

Popular Twitch streamer Zack ‘Asmongold’ spoke out against streamers that are misleading Valorant viewers on Twitch.

With Valorant’s closed beta launching on April 7, fans have been trying to gain access to the game by watching Valorant streamers in hopes to gain a drop, this inflated the viewership for many streamers on Twitch.

Some of the streamers on the top of the list played their VoD’s instead of going offline to maintain their viewership, which sparked a debate among the streaming community and the viewers on whether or not such methods should be allowed.

On April 17, Asmongold released a video on Twitter saying that Twitch viewers are being misled by some Valorant streamers into believing their online when it’s a rerun. He also revealed that small streamers are afraid of speaking up so they wouldn’t get accused of jealousy.

“I went on the Valorant section, looked at the top streams and three of the top four were f**king VoDs,” he said.

He also claimed that the method big streamers were using was likely against the platform’s Terms of Service but Twitch had not taken any action against it.

“It’s intentionally written that way in order to deceive people into thinking it’s live and get them to go into that stream.”

According to Asmongold streamers that are resorting to such methods are hurting the platform’s chance to convert casual viewers to stay on the site after the event is over, “What kind of impression does it give a new viewer to be immediately deceived by a streamer that’s just doing this to get more money.”

He put the blame on Twitch for allowing it to happen, adding that he doesn’t blame the streamers for taking advantage of the opportunity.