xQc Receives Backlash Over Comments On Mercy's Super Jump Bug

Category: Overwatch, Date: 26/9/2019

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xQc Receives Backlash Over Comments On Mercy's Super Jump Bug
Credit: xQc,Twitch/ Blizzard Entertainment

Popular Overwatch Twitch streamer Felix ‘xQc’ Lengyel has once again shared his thoughts live on stream about Mercy’s super jump, getting a lot of the Mercy community against him.

While doing one of his media share streams where viewers donate money for their specific YouTube video to play live on xQc’s stream. One of his viewers picked a rather unique video for the streamer to react to.

The video showcased a Mercy’s gameplay in Grandmaster rank. The Mercy player would use the “super jump” ability to avoid enemy shots, extending the period of the Mercy’s survival. 

What is Super jump?

Super jump allows Mercy to fly vertically upwards before slowly descending. Although it does have its advantages, if timed incorrectly it can end up with the player getting sniped easily.

The ability is considered a bug and the developers did not intend to include it in the game.

“Using unpatched exploits as gameplay because Blizzard can’t balance the f*cking character, really?” xQc said after watching the clip.

The popular streamer considered the ability broken and an exploits that shouldn’t be used in the game.

xQc’s comments triggered a lot of hate towards him by the Mercy community on Twitter. This isn’t the first time xQc has commented on Mercy’s bug ability, or even her kit overall, and has asked numerous times for the hero to receive nerfs.

One person commented on the video: “if they could aim, then she would be dead? stay mad”
Another said: “He wants to talk about Mercy, but plays two of the easiest characters in the easiest class (in my opinion) He needs to take a nap he clearly sleep deprived”

Yesterday, xQc commented on the hate he’s been receiving on Twitter for his opinions in regards to Mercy, and attempts to “cancel” him.

“I saw a mega-thread on Twitter about 200 Mercy mains that were crying because I said Mercy’s super jump is broken,” xQc said, “Dude, they were trying to cancel me on Twitter because I said that super jump for Mercy is a stupid ability and shouldn’t be a thing, Jesus.”

Super jump is technically considered a bug as it was not the intention of the developers to add it into the game. The ability has been available for months. Blizzard has yet to address Mercy’s super jump and whether they want to keep it as an ability for Mercy.

A similar situation occurred with Mercy’s “bunny hop”, also being an unintended ability but later on, the developers decided to keep it in the game.

What is bunny hop?

The bunny hop ability is when a Mercy player uses their Guardian Angel ability to leap towards a teammate. Just before reaching the teammate you can extend the distance you reach by pressing the jump button.