Who is Aria Rose?

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Category: OverwatchBy: Sorryow, Date: 4/4/2019

Credit: @AriaRose


Aria Rose “Nicole” is a Canadian Youtuber currently going by the name Pixel Pluie, roughly holds 100k+ subscribers. Aria’s channel started out revolving around music, Pokemon and Undertale content.
A while after Aria started playing an online game called Overwatch, admiring a specific hero named Mercy.
Mercy’s balance state in Overwatch has always been a controversial topic. Mercy has gone through a rework that changed her ultimate and abilities along with a series of nerfs after the rework to balance her out.
Aria took it upon herself to bring awareness to Mercy’s state and to be a voice for all the Mercy mains that feel disheartened due to the nerfs, Aria used her platform to address the issues of Mercy and what steps the developers should take to fix the game.

That didn’t receive a positive reaction from the community, especially that she was ranked “Average” (Gold/Platinum) in competitive play.
At first, Aria started sharing her videos on the official Overwatch forums, trying to get some traction out of it.

She then went on to be the face and voice of a movement called #ReworkMercy, a movement that was supposed to help bring the old Mercy back while also having a positive mentality and advocating for discussion.

Her videos then spiraled out of control moving away from constructive criticism and more into insulting either the Overwatch developers or even professional players. Anyone that disagreed with Aria was wrong, she had a lot of heated moments with other Overwatch players even those that Main Mercy as well.

An example would be Niandra a high Elo Mercy main that had some points to share in a video of hers about Aria and the #ReworkMercy movement opening up a discussion on why she doesn’t fully agree with what is being said.

Aria didn’t take that very well, instead of going by her word “advocate for discussion” she lashed out at Niandra calling her a “Shady ass hoe” on one of her tweets and blocking her.

Aria started branching out making videos talking negatively about the likes of Pokimaine, Alinitly, and Belle Delphine. It was obvious at that point that Aria enjoyed the drama, especially that she has been a PULL (Pretty Ugly Little liars) for years, a website that gossips about online personalities.

After endless drama between Aria Rose and her followers going up against the Overwatch community, Aria decided that a forum raid is the best solution to save her hero.


And so a raid happened, Mercy posts were being spammed on the forums that the mods had to delete and ban anyone that brought up anything regarding Mercy at that time interval.

The forum raid was a failure and it backlashed at Aria creating so much negativity that she couldn’t handle it. Dozens of videos were being uploaded talking about Aria and the raid, a lot of her followers abandoned her and her movement.

Aria stepped down as the representative of #ReworkMercy and even though there are still other small figures attempting to keep the movement alive, the movement lost a lot of its popularity after the disappearance of Aria from it.

Will this be the end of Aria Rose’s drama especially in the Overwatch community? or will she be back and cause another disturbance in the community?