Twitch Streamer Riley Accused Of Duo Queuing With A Cheater

Category: OverwatchBy: Sorryow, Date: 15/7/2019

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Credit: @RileyTwitch

We’ve talked about cheaters/aimbotters in a different article, and we’ve also mentioned that there doesn’t seem to be any punishment for those that duo with the cheater.

Yesterday, Riley a popular Overwatch Streamer that plays the support role, mostly Mercy, was accused of duo queuing with a cheater. News spread fast and hate was knocking on the door for Riley.

Who is Haunted? Haunted is well known for his toxic behavior in the past and of course cheating, he ruined a lot of high ranked games until Blizzard caught up to him and hardware banned him around February 2018.

Haunted had gotten back to playing Overwatch and when found duo queuing with Riley questions started raising, Riley immediately stated that she had not known who exactly the person is nor anything about his past and reputation, she had only played one game with him and that was it, the second she found out that he was cheating she immediately left the group and removed him from her friendliest.

There’s nothing that indicated Riley is lying especially that she had never resorted to duo queuing with cheaters in the past, nonetheless we’re hoping that the new system can detect cheaters much more accurately, along with punishing players that are queuing with said players fully knowing that they’re cheating.