TimTheTatman Streams Overwatch Again After The Release Of Role Queue

Category: OverwatchBy: Sorryow, Date: 14/8/2019

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Credit: TimTheTatman

Yesterday, TimTheTatman played Overwatch on stream after the new role queue came out.

Tim quit Overwatch a year ago to stream Fortnite instead after feeling frustrated with the game, the unfair matchmaking and the number of stream snipers that Tim had to deal with led him to finally move on from the game and play something he enjoys more.

Tim’s popularity only increased as he played Fortnite along with Ninja and other famous streamers, Tim had 30,000 viewers while streaming Overwatch yesterday, an astounding number for Overwatch streamers, popular streamer xQc averages 18,000 viewers when playing Overwatch.

Tim also tweeted out a little while ago that if he finds himself not having fun on Fortnite due to the BRUTE mechs, he will be streaming Overwatch again, “if i die to a zombie or a mech twice im playing OW,” Tim tweeted.

It seems the new role queue has brought a lot of players back to the game, some players on Twitter tweeted that their friendslist has many of their friends online playing Overwatch after role queue went live unlike before.

The game has been going through a stale phase for a while which led players to give up on it for various reasons, for the time being, the introduction of a role queue system seems to be positive, in the hopes that it draws more old players that have given up on the game back.