TheRealKenzo Released From SoaR Gaming After Hateful Comments About Transgender People

Category: OverwatchBy: Sorryow, Date: 30/8/2019

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therealkenzo released from soar
Credit @EeveeA_ - @TheFakeKenzo

After EeveeA revealed screenshots of a content creator posting hateful comments against her and transgenders, the internet was enraged and determined to find the person EeveeA didn’t reveal.
It didn’t take long until a tweet from an Overwatch player, Hina, announced that they had found the content creator that posted those comments through a Discord server they’re in, and turns out it was Kenzo (TheRealKenzo) a popular Overwatch YouTuber and Dustey.

A lot of hate from the community was now directed towards Kenzo for being transphobic, his discord was raided and SoaR Gaming, the organization sponsoring Kenzo, decided to release him from their organization.

Hina digged even deeper and found conversations back in March 2017 of Kenzo being sexist towards women Overwatch players, organizing a raid on their Twitch stream while they were participating in a tournament.

It didn’t take long before Kenzo tweeted about it, apologizing for his past comments, regretting his actions and informed everyone that he has talked to EeveeA about it and apologized directly.

“About a year ago I acted and thought in ways that’s not okay and I regret being like that. I talked to EeveeA and I have a wider knowledge of what I did wrong. I can’t take back what I said, but I can change of who I am today and improve. And I hope people will give me time.” Kenzo tweeted.

The community was not happy with Kenzo’s “apology”, considering it not genuine, some of the comments towards Kenzo from the community:
“people only apologize if they’re called out” a person tweeted.
“This response is just…bad. You don’t directly apologize publicly to Eeveea (despite making those comments about her publicly), you make excuses by starting the tweet with “About a year ago” (so it hasn’t even been one year since those awful comments were made)…” another tweeted.
“Showing a willingness to reflect and be better, is enough for me to give someone a 2nd chance. You will have to prove your word to a lot of people, but if you stand by your word people will see with time that you have learned from it.” a more positive tweet towards Kenzo.
EeveeA tweeted back stating she and Kenzo had a call and talked about the whole situation and that Kenzo had directly apologized to EeveeA.

Obviously, Kenzo is still receiving hate from part of the community trying to “cancel” him and ruin his YouTube/Streaming career.

It also seems as if Kenzo and EeveeA have different stories, EeveeA claims that Kenzo made 0 effort to solve this privately when she offered to, while Kenzo claims that he had replied and spoken about it privately in the past with EeveeA

As for Dustey, he is also receiving hate but unlike Kenzo he doesn’t show any hints of being apologetic, in fact, he tweeted a little video mocking the whole situation, in the video, it mentions that no one listens to his side and the video ended with “fake allegations”.
Dustey’s twitter account has been suspended.

TheRealKenzo Released From SoaR Gaming