Streamer/Youtuber Twomad Banned From Twitch Permanently.

Category: OverwatchBy: Sorryow, Date: 26/4/2019

In a video posted on April 23rd by Twomad on his second channel “twomad 360”, he informed his viewers that he was banned from twitch permanently.

Twomad is a popular Youtuber that built a community through mostly his Overwatch and Fortnite content reaching over 1.2 million subscribers on both his channels combined.

Twomad gave no reason on why he was banned from the platform aside from stating that it’s a permanent ban, leaving everyone clueless on the matter.

We dug deeper into what might have caused the ban and we found this video posted on Youtube.

The video shows a person had climbed the Lincoln Memorial in Washington, DC and then getting arrested by the police. Throughout the video Twomad was laughing and clapping at the person’s arrest being his hyper self.

Twitch probably considered that a violation to its guidelines as one of the guidelines state the following:

“Breaking the Law: You must respect all applicable local, national, and international laws while using our services. Any content or activity featuring, *encouraging*, offering, or soliciting illegal activity is prohibited.”

Twomad’s reaction to the incident while streaming it live might have been the reason for Twitch permanently banning his account.

One could argue that Twomad was not cheering for the person nor soliciting illegal activity but cheering for the police to arrest him as he said numerous times.

Twomad: “Arrest his ass”

Will Twitch renounce the permanent ban? There have been multiple cases with other streamers where Twitch changed their punishment to a lighter one.

Whether Twitch does alter in the punishment, Twomad doesn’t seem too affected by it, in fact, he seems to have set his eyes on another streaming platform “Mixer” as he tweeted the following:

Twomad: “Perma banned, whatever bro I’m not stressing @WatchMixer lel poggers yuh”

Credit: @twomad_

We can definitely say that Twomad has a plan B in regards of streaming and will not let the ban stop him in his tracks.