Semmler Won't Cast Overwatch League Season 3

Category: Overwatch, Date: 13/Jan/2020

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Blizzard Entertainment

Auguste “Semmler” Massonnat announced today that he will not be part of the casting team in the upcoming Overwatch League season.

Semmler made the announcement on Twitter, following the steps of Christopher ‘MonteCristo’ Mykles, Erik ‘DoA’ Lonnquist, and host Chris Puckett that all left the Overwatch League to pursue different goals.

Semmler told the Loudout that his decision to leave the Overwatch League wasn’t a management issue between him and Blizzard, but more due to the hardships of casting Overwatch games after the radical changes it has gone through over the last 2 years.

“The game has changed so radically since the first season and when we first started out, there were more options for mechanical skills and big plays. I felt like it was still possible to carry a team pretty hard individually but that’s harder now after the last two years. It [the new meta] slowed the game down so much that it became difficult for me to cast it.” Semmler told The Loudout.

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive fans were quick to suggest that Semmler might be making a return to CS: GO, especially after fellow CS: GO commentator, Jason O’Toole added a “thinking emoji” on Semmler’s announcement.

Before Semmler joined the Overwatch League he cast CS: GO games along with Anders Blume, before stepping away to cast the Overwatch League for two seasons along with Robert ‘hexagrams’ Kirkbride.

Fans are suggesting that Semmler might appear on the upcoming BLAST Premier League, especially that he had appeared multiple times in BLAST tournaments during 2019.

While many factors play role in the Overwatch League’s success, the departure of many casting and analyst talents from the Overwatch League led fans to speculate whether the Overwatch League will perform well on its third season.