Ryujehong Claims American Airlines Threatened To Kick Him Off His Flight

Category: Overwatch, Date: 10/01/2019

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ryujehong threatened to get kicked from american flight
Credit: Blizzard Entertainment

Overwatch League support player Ryu “Ryujehong” Je-hong stated that American Airlines flight attendant threatened to kick him off the plane.

On September 30, Ryujehong tweeted about his experience with American Airlines. Lee “Hoonmaru” Ji-hun, Blizzard Entertainment’s Korean player relationship coordinator accompanied him on the flight and was translating for Ryujehong.

Hoonmaru tweeted in English explaining what happened on the flight. Allegedly the flight attendant was acting aggressively towards both of them.

The flight attendant asked both of them to move seats, but when they asked her for a reason why, she said, “Because I said so.” Both of them confused with the lady’s vague answer, Hoonmaru asks her if that was the only reason, and the flight attendant answered with “do you want me to kick you out right now?”

Ultimately, Hoonmaru and Ryujehong moved their seats to avoid getting kicked from the plane.

In addition, Overwatch League host Danny Lim tweeted about the incident stating that he was sitting close by and heard the whole interaction, also adding that he heard the flight attendant say “now all you little friends can sit together,” after both Hoonmaru and Ryujehong moved seats.

American Airlines quickly commented on Ryujehong’s tweet.

“We want every customer to feel welcome when traveling with us. Please meet us in DMs with your record locator so we can look into this more.”

The tweet wasn’t taken positively by Ryujehong’s fans, but a specialist has reached out and will handle the issue with the involved parties.

” The customer doesn’t even speak English! The least you can do is ask/reply in Korean! Smdh” one person commented.