Role Queue Confirmed! New Developer Update!

Category: OverwatchBy: Sorryow, Date: 18/7/2019

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After the last disappointing developer update that lacked content, Jeff Kaplan came through with his promise, “there’s more to come”.

A little while ago a new developer update was released and this was a long one! A 16-minute video which we’ll recap on everything Jeff said.

Role Queue has been confirmed, we’ve talked about the rumors surrounding role queue for a while and players sharing their opinions with a lot welcoming the idea while others simply refused it.

–       Role queue will be available for Competitive mode, Quick-play, and E-sport.

–       You’ll be able to pick between Tanks, Supports, and Damage categories, you’ll be locked in-game to the role you’ve chosen.

–       Three skill rating for competitive mode, each representing its respective role.

–       Each Role will now have 5 placement games, unlike the current system that requires you to play 10 games to be placed.

–       Placing on one role is enough to gain the icon and spray when the season ends.

–       You’ll be able to obtain competitive points per role, which means more competitive points overall.

–       Role Queue will be available on PTR for PC today.

–       The current season will end earlier than usual followed by a beta competitive season on August 13th that will only run for two weeks.

–       Role Queue will officially be released on September 1st.

Jeff also continued, adding that players that prefer how the old system worked will have the ability to play “Quick Play Classic” in the Arcade.

Jeff talked about the reasons behind the change, apparently, the reason wasn’t to limit the meta or control it nor was it to take away players creativity as he believed that players will surely still have the ability to be creative with a 2-2-2 composition. The change was primarily to allow players to play what they’re good at without being forced to pick a role they’re not skilled enough at in their rank.

Balancing will be different after the 2-2-2 composition. Brigitte, for example, is not strong with only one support, which means she will be re-balanced around that.

Jeff Kaplan later said, “Please work with us on this, we’re doing this to make the game better, we believe it’ll make the overall experience for all of you better and that’s why we’re making the change.”

The Damage role might have a longer queue time than the other two roles, playing a role that isn’t popular will be more rewarding.