#ReworkMercy Movement Is Still Alive!

Category: OverwatchBy: Sorryow, Date: 25/6/2019

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We’ve talked about this subject a couple of times, after the rise of the #ReworkMercy movement and its effects on the community, demanding that Mercy needs to be reworked the leader of the movement stepped down, leaving the movement with no one to voice its opinions which led to it slowly wither away.

When the whole movement was presumed to have died off, the founder of the movement, Aria Rose,  rose up to reclaim her throne. Aria Rose is back, after a video talking about the movement and how it affected mental health negatively, mentioning that she has been getting help from a doctor and diagnosed with anxiety, severe depression, insomnia, and OCD. Aria asked her community if they’d want her back to be their voice, it was a large majority that wanted their Angel back.

 Aria posted a video declaring the revive of #ReworkMercy but this time she’ll be handling things differently than the past, she’ll also be asking the community a weekly question regarding Mercy to get in touch with their opinions.

Our take on this, we believe everyone has the right to voice an opinion, but something is off with Aria’s opinions, she had tweeted not too long ago that she is finding Mercy fun and engaging, so why revive a movement that you yourself stated it has drained you mentally and brought a lot of negativity on you? 

The answer probably is promoting her new “gaming” channel, it was well know how much traction her Mercy content has gotten her on her main channel, what better method to give your new channel a good push? Reviving a dying movement and clashing with popular streamers again, before announcing that she would join back in the #ReworkMercy, Aria made a video regarding xQc’s dislike to Mercy and wanting super jump gone, portraying him in a negative way even posting some old clips of him talking about Mercy.

We really do hope that the movement is a positive one this time, not claim it’s to be positive yet act negatively. We’ll keep you updated on everything new that goes on.