Philadelphia Fusion Signs ChipSa And Jayne Is Not Happy About It

Category: Overwatch, Date: 27/Nov/2019

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Credit: Jayne/ChipSa

The Philadelphia Fusion signed Overwatch streamer Philip “ChipSa” Graham, which led to a lot of question marks towards the now “pro player”.

Many Overwatch professional players were baffled when they heard that ChipSa, the inexperienced player in the pro scene, is now part of the Philadelphia Fusion, a team coached by his brother, Christopher “ChrisTFer” Graham.

The popular content creator and former assistant coach for Dallas Fuel, Justin ‘Jayne’ Conroy criticized the brothers in a massive Twitter rant.

Jayne suggested that ChrisTFer, the assistant coach for the Fusion, had a decision in bringing ChipSa on to the team which left an “elephant in the room.”

Houston Outlaws DPS player Dante ‘Danteh’ Cruz responded to Jayne’s comments, asking Jayne to explain his team’s decision when it comes to picking players, suggesting that Dallas aswell left out more deserving players.

Jayne responded, “Our pickups don’t undermine the path to pro and spit in the face of individuals who actually grind for this opportunity.”

Danteh then questioned Jayne’s picks for team Canada in the Overwatch World Cup 2019, stating that Jayne went for the marketable picks and ignored skilled and more deserving players that performed outstandingly in the Overwatch Contenders.

Popular streamer and main tank for team Canada, Félix “xQc” Lengyel responded to Danteh stating that there’s nothing to sell in the world cup, hence picking marketable players is not in Jayne’s benefit.

Danteh responded to xQc saying “the whole thread is calling out his hypocrisy. the “spit in the face of individuals who actually grind for this opportunity” felt really hypocritical because of some of the roster decisions.”

In a Twitter broadcast, Jayne continued his rant in regards to ChipSa signing with the Fusion.

“ChipSa is in no way going to be the best player Philadelphia Fusion could have picked up,” he said. “He’s a streamer. The last time he played professionally if you can even call it that, was in 2016. He’s been streaming ever since.”

Throughout the whole controversy, ChipSa avoided the Twitter rant simply tweeting “God I love drama.”

ChipSa, later on, talked about the whole situation while streaming, stating that the decision to join the Fusion was not affected by his brother, if anything his brother was against it and there’s no nepotism involved.

“Initially, I got messaged and offered the position, but my brother specifically recommended against it until they had more discussion,” ChipSa said. He added that his brother’s integrity is “more important to him than getting me a fucking spot on the team.”

Currently, Doomfist is a popular pick against double shield meta, and ChipSa is well known for one tricking the hero, but the upcoming patch holds nerfs towards shield meta and if Doomfist’s viability drops, ChipSa will most likely be dead weight on the team.