OWL Pro Player Bumper Intentionally Throws A Competitive Game

Category: OverwatchBy: Sorryow, Date: 17/8/2019

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Credit: Blizzard

Professional Overwatch player, Sang-beomBumper” Park, tank player for Vancouver Titans, was caught intentionally throwing a competitive game due to not being able to play the hero of his choice.

Reddit user Excavy posted about the whole incident, allegedly Bumper asked to play Sigma after Excavy already locked the hero, Excavy responds with “give me a kiss”, in a joking matter and willing to switch off the hero for Bumper, that is until Bumper had already started throwing just as the game started.

Excavy posted the full gameplay from Bumpers perspective, and screenshots of Bumpers account to prove that it was definitely him.

In the screenshots provided, you can also notice that Bumper’s endorsement level is 1, which is lower than average, prompting the assumption that he receives a lot of reports or simply leaves games consistently.

Bumper not given Sigma decided to intentionally throw the game by jumping repetitively off the map while on Winston, later switching to Reinhardt and either charging into the enemy team getting himself killed and feeding the enemy team ultimate charge, staying in spawn and not grouping up with his team, simply not contributing in team fights on purpose. Bumper proceeded to switch to Roadhog and started shooting random objects on the map, refusing to assist his team.

After the game was over Bumper simply typed “ggs” and left the game.

This is not a behavior that should be demonstrated by a professional Overwatch League player, someone that should be a positive example for the community.  

It’s well known Blizzard takes serious actions against players that throw games on purpose, or violate their guidelines, xQc while on Dallas Fuel was suspended on stream after repetitively reporting a player adding “F**ck You” in the details box of each report.

The Reddit user claimed that they simply want actions to be taken by Blizzard against Bumper, setting an example for other Overwatch League players.