Overwatch Streamer Metro Banned From Twitch for "making violent threats"

Category: OverwatchBy: Sorryow, Date: 19/4/2019

Alex known as Metro got suspended from Twitch with the message “making violent threats”.

Metro sent out a tweet the moment he realized that he was banned, stating the following:

“So my twitch account got suspended for “making violent threats”. I’m not saying I’m an angel but if theres a thing I would never do it’s threaten anyone in a serious manner and my regulars can confirm that. Did not even get any specific info. @TwitchSupport”
Credit: @Metro_OW

A couple of days later Metro was able to get in contact with Twitch to figure out what exactly led to the ban.

Apparently Metro had an interaction with a fellow teammate playing Torbjorn. Where Metro would comment “Yo torb, if we lose this game, I’m gonna find you and I’m gonna kill you” mentioning it was a meme from Liam Nelson.

The Torb aware it was a joke, according to Metro, they replied with “Catch me at Twitchcon buddy.”

Which Metro replied to with “Fistfight me at twitchcon buddy” and “Let’s livestream the fistfight.”

The Twitch staff acknowledged that it wasn’t a serious conversation but took time to explain to Metro that some of his viewers especially the new ones viewing his stream, might not perceive it that way.

Metro acknowledging his mistake came out with apology more into it here, promising that he’ll do better int he future and be more careful with his words, ending his apology with ” I miss you guys and i’ll be back soon!”.