Overwatch Role Queue Beta Extended After a Bug

Category: OverwatchBy: Sorryow, Date: 1/9/2019

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Overwatch Role Queue Gold Bug
Credit: Blizzard

Season 18 Overwatch competitive mode was disabled after many players, including Overwatch League professionals and streamers, reported that they have placed incredibly lower than their original rank.

Players immediately started doing their placements after season 18 started and noticed something was off, posting on Twitter and the Forums about the whole ordeal, Hasan “crakinlakin” Alfardi, a former off-tank player for North American Contenders teams Wave Check and Uprising Academy, found himself playing against the lowest-ranked players (bronze).

Choi “Choihyobin” Hyo-bin the off-tank player for San Francisco Shock, placed in gold, a rank no one expected a player at his high skill standards to place in.

Throughout the seasons a lot of players have asked for an MMR reset, either to receive a second chance for fresh placements in the hopes that they’ll place much higher than their current rank, or to make sure any player that was “boosted” to a rank they don’t deserve will be dropped back down.
Speculations arose that the MMR reset has been implemented for season 18, which would explain the low ranks professionals are placing in.
That wasn’t the case, developer Bill Warnecke posted on the official forums in regards to the whole situation, stating that it’s a bug and that they’re currently working on a fix, hence the reason they disabled competitive.

Warnecke posted again to inform players that they’re still working on a solution and that Role Queue Beta Season will be extended due to a bug that isn’t allowing matchmaking values from prior seasons to be taken into consideration.

The competitive card will be stuck on “ the season is ending in less than a minute”, until fix the bug.

We’re not sure when will Blizzard fix the issue and officially start season 18, but it’s definite that am MMR reset will not happen, at least not in the near future.