Overwatch Pro Water Banned For Cheating

Category: OverwatchBy: Sorryow, Date: 26/8/2019

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Gladiators Legion player Min-sung ‘Water’ Lee was banned on Overwatch while streaming yesterday for cheating.

Water getting a lot of attention not only for his Genji gameplay but also for donating money to communities that suffer from Water shortage, struck everyone on his stream by surprise when his account was banned and a message that read in Korean that the system detected an unauthorized cheat program also known as “hack”.

A cheating program is usually referred to by “Aim bot”, known to be used in first-person shooter games that allows a player to shoot enemies in a precisely accurate matter without having to aim.

The account banned was an alternate account and not his main.

Water was also banned from PUBG for “Cheating” a couple of days before this incident.

A lot of viewers and fans refused to accept that Water is a cheater as he’s well known and respected in Korea for his skills, if he was in fact cheating he would have been exposed a long time ago as cheating in Korea is taken seriously especially that he’s a popular player and would draw a lot of attention towards him.

Water mains projectile aim based heroes, a role that isn’t quite popular for players to cheat on unlike hit scan based heroes.

Water has also demonstrated knowledgeable game sense and his game play was never suspicious enough to assume he’s using any sort of cheats.

Some speculations from the community were that either their is some sort of error in the anti-cheating detection that got him automatically banned, or that Water has some sort of software running in the background that isn’t necessary a cheating software but is triggering the anti-cheat detection to assume he’s cheating, which would explain why he was banned on both Overwatch and PUBG.

It’s unknown till now if he is, in fact, cheating or not, as other factors that might have triggered a ban are still quite possible.

Water has not commented about the incident yet nor his team has, we’ll keep you updated on everything that comes up through our social media.