Overwatch Pro Mouffin Kicked From Boston Uprising After Sexual Misconduct Allegations

Category: Overwatch, Date: 06/April/2020

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Overwatch League team the Boston Uprising has announced that Walid “Mouffin” Bassal was removed from the team after allegations of sexual misconduct with minors.

The allegations surfaced after Twitch streamer KhaleesiBB posted a TwitLonger, detailing her experience with Mouffin, which prompted other women to come forward and share their own experience with the professional player.

The Boston Uprising quickly removed Mouffin from their active roster and launched an investigation to confirm those allegations.

On April 5, the Boston Uprising announced that Mouffin’s contract was terminated, removing him from the Overwatch League.

KhaleesiBB claimed that Mouffin has demonstrated predatory behavior. She described their first meeting at Twitchcon 2019, where Mouffin was intoxicated and acting aggressively towards other women. KhaleesiBB also claimed that Mouffin would send sexual private messages to underage girls.

“He had sent them videos and engaged with sexual behavior with them… I knew then that I couldn’t really deny what I had first heard back then. Mouffin had a penchant for underage girls and overall extremely predatory behavior towards women.” 

A similar situation with a Boston Uprising team member occurred back in 2018 when Jonathan “DreamKazper” Sanchez was kicked from the team after allegations of him soliciting sexually explicit photos from underage girls were confirmed.