Overwatch Police Department Threatens To Release Cheat Source Code

Category: Overwatch, Date: 17/Jan/2020

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Blizzard Entertainment

The person behind the twitter account “Overwatch Police Department” is threatening to reveal the game’s codebase and the source code of popular hacking tools if Blizzard developers don’t give a proper response to the hacking issues in the game. 

GamerDoc, the person behind Overwatch Police Department that monitors and exposes hackers and hacking methods has apparently had enough with Blizzard’s “slacking” when it comes to handling cheaters in Overwatch.

In a TwitLonger, GamerDoc talked about the disregard Blizzard has shown him to everything he has done for the game, either trying to help the developers in combating the cheatings tools or trying to expose blatant hackers in the game only to be completely ignored by the developers.

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Now it seems GamerDoc has had enough and is threatening Blizzard, giving them a period of 1 week to give him a proper reply or he will release the source code of a popular hacking tool which could lead to the creation of a lot of hacking programs on PC.

“In 1 week from now, I will drop it all in a folder If I am not given a proper reply I will make this game 5x worse as it is now until they step up I have been at this for a f*cking year,” GamerDoc said.

“I barely give two sh*ts about my rep at this stage. Overwatch is not doing great they are killing the game, so I am just going to help them kill the game even more if they genuinely don’t care I will brutally attack whatever weakness Blizzard has and expose it to the public.”

GamerDoc also complained that there are plenty of Discord servers that hold over a thousand players that organize stream sniping.

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Professional Overwatch player Timo “Taimou” Kettunen had a thing or two to say to GamerDoc on Twitter.

Using any sort of cheating method in Overwatch is considered against the rules and if caught it can lead to an indefinite suspension of the account. Even with the strict rules and the constant ban waves against hackers, cheating is still an issue in Overwatch and can be seen more frequently in the highest ranks.