Overwatch League Pro Viol2t Suspended and Fined For Toxic Behavior

Category: Overwatch, Date: 28/Jul/2020

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Overwatch League

The San Francisco Shock has suspended Park “Viol2t” Min-ki from the Overwatch League and fined him after extreme toxic behavior towards his other players while streaming on Twitch.

On July 10, the Flex support player for the San Francisco Shock came under fire after telling a popular streamer to kill himself. The organization failed to act on its player’s behavior and he still competed for the team on July 18 against the Boston Uprising.

Viol2t’s toxic behavior didn’t end there. On July 27, Overwatch streamer Hoshizora posted screenshots showcasing Viol2t using slurs, all were confirmed through Viol2t’s own stream.
Following Viol2t’s repetitive toxic behavior the Shock announced that it will fine and suspend him from competing in the Overwatch League as a punishment.


The Shock’s general manager Chris Chung made the announcement on Discord saying, “Viol2t’s actions were not in line with what we expect of our staff and players in or out of game.”


Chung also said that they “will continue to work with Viol2t and monitor his in-game behavior closely to ensure that is the last incident of its kind.”

The support player will not be competing in the upcoming matchup against the Houston Outlaws on August 1. One of the team’s substitutes will be filling the spot.

The punishment has been issued by Shock itself and not by the Overwatch League. Viol2t’s punishment has not appeared on the official Overwatch League player discipline tracker

Viol2t’s behavior violates section 6.4 of the Overwatch League official code on conduct, which states members are “prohibited from engaging in any form of harassment or discrimination.”

At the time of writing, Viol2t has not issued a personal statement regarding the matter.