Overwatch League Pro OGE Banned From Twitch For 3-Days

Category: Overwatch, Date: 22/Nov/2019

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Credit: Blizzard/Noam Radcliffe

Professional Overwatch League player, previously for Dallas Fuel and now a player for Los Angeles Gladiators, Min-seok ‘OGE’ Son, has been banned on Twitch.

On November 21, OGE was banned from the popular streaming platform, leaving his fans confused about the reason for the suspension.

The reason for the suspension might have been due to an incident where OGE was streaming and he allegedly made a remark towards a fellow Overwatch player and streamer Flocculency that was interpreted as transphobic.

The remark OGE made towards Flocculency was “Okay, man.” Important to note that English is a second language to OGE and he’s still learning to speak it properly.

In now-deleted tweets, Flocculency called out OGE for being transphobic and sending a hate raid to her stream.

Flocculency's deleted tweets

Some of OGE’s viewers went out of their way to harass Flocculency calling her vile words, after he linked her stream in his chat.

Flocculency later stated that she had reached out to OGE privately in an attempt to settle the matter. According to OGE, he misspoke due to the language barrier and it was not his intention to offend anyone. He also added that he didn’t know that linking Flocculency’s stream would incite the raid that occurred.

Throughout the whole situation, OGE was on the receiving end of death threats from some members of Flocculency’s community, which she quickly tweeted out condemning such actions stating that she doesn’t she doesn’t want such people in her community.

“Sorry for anyone who sent hate and especially death threats to @OGE_ow,” Flocculency tweeted. “He didn’t know many of the words his chat were using or that posting the link to my chat would incite a raid like that. He absolutely didn’t mean it after talking to him and I forgive him completely.”

Both Flocculency and OGE came to common grounds and apologized to one another, but OGE still received a suspension for 3-days on his Twitch account, with some speculating that he was mass reported by Flocculency’s community.

OGE tweeted after his suspension expressing his frustration that he couldn’t recover his VOD and jokingly asked Twitch to unban him if he works on his English language skills.

Flocculency later tweeted out stating that although she did not personally report OGE, she has no control over her community’s actions and will contact Twitch in an attempt to clear things up.

This isn’t the first time Flocculency has accused someone of being transphobic, in a different case she accused popular Twitch streamer xQc of being transphobic with no valid evidence.