Overwatch Halloween Event 2019 Start Date Announced! Zenyatta Walks?

Category: Overwatch, Date: 14/Oct/2019

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Overwatch Halloween event date announced
Credit: Blizzard Entertainment

Blizzard has finally announced when the Overwatch Halloween event will be released and gave us a little teaser along with it which features Zenyatta.

Fans have been wondering for a while when the Halloween event for 2019 will be released, and today Blizzard finally responded, the Halloween Terror event will start on the 15th of October and will end on the 4th of November.

On their official Overwatch Twitter account, fans were shocked when a short video was posted teasing the Halloween event. The video showcased what seems to be a new emote for Zenyatta, this one is unique though… Zenyatta made sure no one is looking at him before he placed his feet down on the floor and would stretch his back.

Zenyatta is known for always floating in midair, and this is the first time players get to see their favorite Overwatch hero placing his feet down on the floor.

With the Halloween event set for tomorrow, players are eagerly waiting for the new patch to roll out holding a lot of tweaks to heroes that might benefit the game and put an end to double shield meta.