Overwatch YouTuber FreshNuts Under Fire For Racist Comments

Category: Overwatch, Date: 12/Nov/2019

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Credit: Blizzard Entertainment/FreshNuts YouTube

A couple of screenshots surfaced online of the Overwatch YouTuber and community lead for team United States, FreshNuts, revealing racist comments he made on a Discord channel.

Most of the Overwatch community probably know or at least watched a video on the YouTube channel “FreshNuts” which posts daily videos of Overwatch streamer’s best moments.

Yesterday, FreshNuts tweeted out the word “Sorry” along with a TwitLonger link which he expands more on his apology. He apologized for his past, and for the “racist, sexist, or any other kind of jokes” he made in some stages of his life.

“I want to apologize now for any interaction anyone has had with me in the past where I made racist, sexist or any other kind of joke that I now see as unacceptable and acknowledge the weight they have,” FreshNuts said.

He also stated that some people want to “leak stuff” on him. His fans weren’t too sure of what exactly FreshNuts has said or done that prompts someone to expose him.

That question was answered a couple of hours later when screenshots were leaked on Reddit. The screenshots revealed FreshNuts saying the N-word multiple times back in 2017 during his conversations.


The person that leaked them on Reddit, posted a recording of a screen capture of the Discord chat, proving that the screenshots aren’t doctored.

Although part of his community was accepting of FreshNut’s apology, the other wasn’t too happy of his actions, especially that he is the community lead for the Overwatch United States team.

FreshNuts has been receiving a lot of hate especially on Reddit, not believing that the apology is sincere.

One person commented: “And this ladies and gentlemen is your USA community rep.”

Another commented: “Can someone make an apology, even once, that’s not like “2 years ago I said things I didn’t realize were bad.” None of this shit is sincere.Really? In 2017 you didn’t realize that word is bad or that it was wrong to say? You really going to try to sell that?”

It’s well known Overwatch professional teams and organizations take these kind of issues seriously, we’ve seen popular Youtuber TheRealKenzo released from SoaR organization after transphobic comments were leaked. Team United States has yet to comment about the whole situation.