Overwatch Developer Update: Hero Pools, Experimental Testing Mode

Category: Overwatch, Date: 30/Jan/2020

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Overwatch-developer-update-hero-pools-experimental cards
Blizzard Entertainment

A new Overwatch developer update is out and Jeff Kaplan addressed some big changes coming to Overwatch in patch 1.45.

The new patch 1.45 is set to release in early February and it holds big changes that will definitely shake up the game. Jeff Kaplan promised faster more impactful balance changes that will target the meta.

Kaplan also added that they will be introducing an “Experimental Card” feature that Blizzard will be using to test out new balancing forms, the feature will allow the developers to test major changes to the game more frequently instead of going silent, the changes may or may not reach the standard modes.

The Experimental Card will be available on the live servers and both PC and console players have access to it. While players help test balance changes using the Experimental Card they will be eligible to earn experience and loot boxes.

Another addition coming into season 21 exclusively for the competitive game mode is “Hero Pools.” The new feature will disable a select different number of heroes every week.
The number of heroes that will be disabled is still unknown but the developers are still open to changes regarding the duration of the disabled heroes, Kaplan stated that it might be changed to a daily thing or even every match.

The “Hero Pools” feature will be tested throughout season 21 and the developers might remove it altogether if it doesn’t meet their expectations.

Kaplan also stated that there’s a huge anti-cheat effort going on but can’t address details about it and added that there’s a couple of Workshop quality of life updates coming soon.