Overwatch Dafran Accused Of Cheating After a Clip Goes Viral

Category: Overwatch, Date: 14/Dec/2019

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Blizzard/Veronika Rodriguez

Ex-professional Overwatch player and popular streamer Daniel “Dafran” Francesca is being accused of cheating by the community after a controversial clip from his stream was shared.

Dafran is well known for playing hitscan heroes, popular for his Tracer and Soldier 76. He was hailed as one of the best hitscan players in Overwatch.

While Dafran was streaming Overwatch on December 13, a clip of him was shared on the official Overwatch forums that had a lot of people talking about it. The clip has since been deleted from Dafran’s Twitch channel, but here’s a mirror of it.

The clip showcases Dafran on Widowmaker trying to takeout the enemy Reaper, his first shot doesn’t connect due to Orisa’s shield blocking it. Reaper quickly moves behind the wall out of Dafran’s line of sight. Dafran then lines his shot waiting for the Reaper to reveal himself but out of the blue, he flicks his crosshair and takes a shot at the wall the Reaper is still behind. Dafran quickly says “Oh… You guys didn’t see that,” suggesting that he is using some sort of cheat before continuing to play the game normally.

The Overwatch community was split into two, with one side accusing Dafran of aimbotting/wall hacking while the other side didn’t believe he would resort to cheating. Many suggested that either his mouse glitched which is known to happen at times, or that he just instinctly panic flicked by mistake.

Another suggestion is that Dafran is up to one of his trolling tricks. Dafran is known to troll his viewers on stream a lot and many of his viewers stated that this is probably the case, and it’s aimed towards Overwatch streamer Kephrii. 

Kephrii has accused high ranked Overwatch players of cheating on multiple occasions, especially when they’re playing Widowmaker against him. Two recent players he accused of cheating were Hydron a top 500 hitscan player and K1ng a Genji player and part of team Third Impact.

Kephrii accusing a lot of players of cheating and taking his “beef” to Twitter with the accused player has turned the whole thing into a “meme” within the community.

One Overwatch player wrote on the forums: “Yep, targetted someone through a double layer wall, then locked the reaper in view after that. This is why don’t idolize supposed “Pro Streamers” and try to mimic them or get coached by them.”

A second wrote: “This is so gross. I would give anything to have half his skills and he goes and uses cheats. Just why?”

A third wrote: “You’re either playing us, or you got played, lol. He knows how aimbots look and he fooled you. He jokes around a lot about having his aimbot “break.”

For the time being it’s hard to confirm whether or not Dafran is actually using some sort of cheating method, so we’ll let you be the judge of that.