Overwatch Cross-Platform At BlizzCon? KB&M On Console Solved?

Category: OverwatchBy: Sorryow, Date: 25/6/2019

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Overwatch Cross-platform KB&M
Credit: Blizzard

Blizzard has shared in the past that they are working on a cross-platform feature for Overwatch. With Sony opening up to cross-platform play on the PS4 the chances are much higher.

After the announcement that Overwatch will be playable on the Nintendo Switch back on September 4, Blizzard Communications Manager Nazih Fares addressed the possibility that cross-platform feature on Overwatch might become available. Fares also stated that while it’s not something they’ll be offering immediately, Blizzard is considering the possibility for the future.

Blizzcon is coming soon and there’s a good chance that Blizzard might reveal their plans to add the feature into the game.

Additionally, popular game Fortnite includes the cross-platform feature, allowing players to play on the PS4, Xbox One and PC together.

Credit: Blizzard

If the cross-platform feature does become available on Overwatch PS4 and Xbox One players will be able to match with one another. It’s still unknown if the Nintendo Switch will be joining in, while PC players will probably not be included.

PC players gain an advantage over console players due to the fact that using a mouse and keyboard gives them higher aim accuracy. The limitation a controller has when compared to a mouse and keyboard creates an unfair matchmaking atmosphere for console players.

Does cross-platform solve Overwatch console’s issue with KB&M?

It’s been a well-known issue that a lot of players are using keyboard and mouse on console. This creates an unfair match where players using a controller simply find it hard to keep up with those on KB&M. The issue has been reported many times on Reddit and official Overwatch forums. Jeff Kaplan commented on the ordeal back on January 192018. Kaplan stated that they cannot do anything for the time being but are working on a solution, and urged players not to report KB&M users.

“Currently, we cannot do anything about players using input conversion devices to use Mouse and Keyboard on console.” Jeff Kaplan Commented “However, we have put serious research and development against this problem and we’re hoping to have a solution to what we consider to be unfair circumstances. This is a priority for us and we’re trying to combat this through technology and policy.”
Credit: Jeff Kaplan/Blizzard

If cross-platform feature becomes available on Overwatch, console players that are using mouse and keyboard can be set to automatically get matched against PC players. Players using a controller would not have to play with or against those that are using a keyboard and mouse.

The long issue with Overwatch on console would finally find a solution, without the need of eliminating the use of keyboard and mouse on console.

We’ll keep you updated on any future news in regards to the cross-platform feature on Overwatch.