Overwatch Community Is Disappointed With The Summer Event

Category: OverwatchBy: Sorryow, Date: 17/7/2019

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The Overwatch community isn’t pleased with this summer’s event after the developer update was released, and Jeff having little content to talk about, leaving the community with more promises, it led to a disappointment for those that enjoy the game.

A lot of posts were created on the official forums, players voiced their anger, Lucio Ball game mode has been released every summer event and players were pretty much bored of it, new cosmetics were released and are unlockable but to most they simply weren’t interested, players were addressing the event by “Recycled”.

The only thing the community has seemed to take positively was the new Torbjorn skin.

That sadly was just not enough though, the content for the event didn’t cut it, disappointment reeked the forums with some commenting

“This is the first event where I spend 0 of my own credits. Absolutely awful.”

“I was excited watching the event appear as a surprise. Then clicking what’s new and watching only 4 legendaries i started to laugh. They didn’t put ANY effort at all, i’m actually amazed.”

Nonetheless, Blizzard has to come through with their promises, their player base has started to get extremely impatient and will affect the game negatively if they don’t deliver interesting content.

Hero 31’s identity is expected to be announced soon, the 2-2-2 role queue that has been rumored about a lot lately might be implemented in-game, and we’re hoping that more lore will be added to the game along with a cinematic.