Over 1600 South Korean Overwatch Players Were Banned For Account Sharing

Category: OverwatchBy: Sorryow, Date: 21/8/2019

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Credit: Blizzard Entertainment

Over 1600 South Korean Overwatch players were banned for account sharing in season 17.
Account sharing is the act of another person logging onto your account to play on it, which violates Blizzard’s TOS, players are not allowed to share their login information with anyone.

The act of “Account Sharing” mostly occurs when the person that doesn’t own the account logs into it to boost the account, raising its rank to where the original owner doesn’t belong, ruining the fair competitive atmosphere that Blizzard is thriving to maintain.

The announcement was posted on the Korean Overwatch forums, stating that 1618 accounts were banned for account sharing.

“Blizzard Entertainment is committed to creating a fair and positive gaming environment for our players. The sanctions below are the number and list of accounts that were deliberately manipulated during the 17 seasons of the Overwatch competition, or were suspended for proxy acts that disrupted or mediated the game.” The forum post stated, translated from Korean.

Blizzard has a habit of naming and shaming accounts that get banned in Korea, posting a list of the names of all the 1600 accounts that were banned for account sharing and boosting.
It’s important to note that boosting in South Korea is considered illegal and you could end up in jail, the act of boosting is taken seriously there which would explain why Blizzard takes stricter decisions against cheaters. 

It’s unclear what the severity of the bans are, it could be a suspension for a whole season, a permanent ban on the specific account, or even a ban on the player (hardware ban).

To report players you suspect are cheating either use the in game report functionality or you can email Overwatch support here: [email protected]