NYXL Pine Retires From Professional Overwatch

Category: Overwatch, Date: 06/Dec/2019

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Blizzard Entertainment

Overwatch League player for the New York Excelsior, Do Hyeon ‘Pine’ Kim, announced his retirement as a professional player.

Pine had all eyes on him because of the skills he displayed on hit scan heroes such as McCree and Widowmaker. He also had a major role in the NYXL making it to the playoffs.

On December 6, the NYXL officially announced that Pine “the Big Boss” will be retiring, but he’ll continue to be part of the NYXL as an affiliate streamer.

Although Pine displayed raw mechanical skills and game-changing plays in season one of the Overwatch League, he found himself on the bench in season two due to the GOATS meta.

GOATS meta was highly dominant in season two, the composition consisted of three tanks and three supports, without the need of DPS heroes on the team, forcing Pine off the stage.

With Blizzard forcing 2-2-2 role lock, GOATS was replaced by double shield meta, a meta that makes it hard for hit scan heroes to shine, and as such Pine didn’t see much action at all.

Although Pine will be leaving the professional scenes, he will continue to play and stream Overwatch. Players can tune in to his stream to watch some of the best clutch plays on McCree and Widowmaker.