New Overwatch Developer Update + Was A New Hero Teased?

Category: OverwatchBy: Sorryow, Date: 18/6/2019

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A new Overwatch developer update was released on Youtube, in the video, Jeff Kaplan, the Overwatch game director discussed a couple of points and additions to the game which we will talk about in this article.

In the beginning, Jeff talked about the new graphic short story, What You Left Behind, that focuses on Baptiste’s past, his life as Talon’s medic, visiting his homelands, Haiti, and to the point where he joined the Overwatch squad. We also get to see Baptiste in a new medic gear kit, which will certainly be a new skin added into the game, unlockable through the “Baptiste Reunion Challenge” Kaplan talked about.

Jeff also commented on the new characters in the short story, stating that some may or may not become a huge part in the Overwatch universe, Jeff has always teased or sled some hints in the past, which has caused the Overwatch community to believe that one of those characters might be a playable character in the future, one character that stood out was Baptiste’s squadmate Mauga, causing the community to believe that Jeff teased the next hero.

Credit: PlayOverwatch

Jeff then discussed the replay functionality which he is most excited about, according to Jeff the new functionality will allow players to re-watch their 10 recent full matches, it will provide the ability to view your gameplay through points-of-view, angles, and even the overlay icons used in Overwatch League broadcasts.

Important changes that are also coming out in the patch are changes to Assault Mode Matches (2 CP Maps), A whole minute will be subtracted from the bonus time received for point B after capturing point A. In addition, the re-spawn time will be altered, if you die on point A and it’s instantly captured, you’ll be re-spawned almost immediately on Point B, this change eliminates the chances of a snowball, which has occurred numerous times live in professional games.

Lastly, Jeff added that there’s new competitive death-match season is also coming out and that he looks forward to all the feedback from the community.