NA Rank Four Mercy Was Boosted By A Hacker?

Category: Overwatch, By: Sorryow, Date: 21/4/2019

A stream sniper managed to catch the attention of many viewers when they targeted xQc, a popular Overwatch streamer.

In the video posted on Youtube, a player caught everyone’s attention with their non-human aim. The player going by the name “zerotap” was blatantly using an aimbot in a high ranked game.

The player wasn’t alone on their journey of ruining the competitive game, they were accompanied by a duo partner “threetap” that chose to play “Mercy” a support hero, pocketing their duo partner as they caused chaos throughout the game.

A Reddit post was created, accumulating 500+ up votes, accused the rank six player “twotap” (currently rank four at the time of writing this article) of being the same person that was getting duo-boosted by the hacker and that they until now were not banned, asking Blizzard to take serious actions not only in regards of the hacker but also the player that willingly duo queued with the hacker fully aware of what they’re doing.

Looking at the ladder now we found out that that player has changed their name from “twotap” to “Luma”, raising more questions on why would they change their name? Is it to hide something or to avoid any sort of harassment?

Whether the accusations on Reddit are legitimate or not, it is only up to Blizzard to issue an investigation on the account and find out whether the account has participated in any rule breaking activity. 

The important question remains, will Blizzard actually act on this matter? It’s known that Blizzard will “eventually” ban a player for using a cheating method in-game, but what is their stance in regards of players that queue with said cheater? Will they face any sort of consequences? Or will they slip under the radar and get away with it?

This is one case of many that have manipulated and taken advantage of the system in an attempt to climb up the ladder.