Mass Resurrect Is Back And So Is Aria Rose

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Category: OverwatchBy: Sorryow, Date: 10/5/2019

Credit: Twitter @saccharinetweet


With the addition of the workshop, a lot of players including Aria Rose saw a chance to replicate what once was taken away from them, Mass Resurrect, Mercy’s ultimate ability which was reworked into Mercy’s current ultimate, Valkyrie.

Aria has been absent from the Overwatch community for months after the massive drama she caused, receiving a lot of hate that has affected her mental state negatively. 

A brief explanation of who is Aria Rose and what went on with her and her followers. Aria Rose, real name Nicole, is a Youtuber going by the name of “Saccharine beats” now (We’ll refer to her with Aria in this article), her content focused on songs, drama topics, and Overwatch mostly Mercy’s weak state and the need for mass resurrect to be brought back. She organized a forum raid on the official Overwatch forums in an attempt to show her frustration due to the developers not giving what she and those that follow her asked for “Mass Rez”, she and a lot of those that participated were banned from the forums and she received a backlash from the community. 

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Credit: @Saccharine Games


Aria now has created two other Youtube channels, leaving her main one for music, Saccharine Games, for gaming even though she dipped into drama content on it, and Saccharine tea, a channel purely for the purpose of drama content.

We’ll talk about her Saccharine Games channel, specifically Overwatch content in this article while leaving “Saccharine tea” and what she has been up to on that channel for another time.

Her Overwatch videos right now seem harmless with lack of any controversial topics and toxic remarks toward players in the community unlike her videos before the raid, she seems to have changed paths in an attempt to redeem herself and start fresh, or has she?


We would have loved to see a change in Aria but that’s not the case, taking a look at her Saccharine Games channel, we can see a lot of content that is drama related and she made a remake of her “uwutuber” video even though Aria herself stated she’ll be moving away from such content, as it’s not healthy for her mental health, tweeting that she has been diagnosed with depression, anxiety, OCD, and insomnia that obviously didn’t stop her from going back on her words and doing what she enjoys the most, digging up drama.





Does that mean she’ll cause drama again in the Overwatch community? We believe the answer to that is yes. Monitoring Aria’s behavior in the past and her current self, she hasn’t changed much at all, she still thrives for drama and enjoys it playing the victim when things don’t go her way. Her first videos on Overwatch before the raid were also non-controversial. Aria at the end of the day wants to gain views and obviously creating unrest in the community has gained her a lot of exposure in the past whether it was negative or positive.

It’s simply a matter of time until Aria gets bored of the workshop and will demand the progress she and her followers have reached on the workshop be included in the game.

Will we see more of Mass Resurrection posts on the forums by her followers? How will the community react to her this time?

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