Jeff Kaplan Announces Official Date For Overwatch Patch 1.43 [Updated]

Category: Overwatch, Date: 04/Dec/2019

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Blizzard Entertainment

A screenshot of the Overwatch Contenders ruleset was leaked revealing that the Patch 1.43 will allegedly be delayed until mid-January 2020.


Overwatch Game Director Jeff Kaplan posted on the official Overwatch forums informing the community that the official patch 1.43 release will be on December 10. 
“The patch is scheduled to go live next week. Short of some unforeseen circumstance causing a delay, we’re expecting to go live with the patch next week,” he wrote.

Original Story:

The screenshot was posted by Dallas Fuel main tank Ashely “Trill” Powell on December 3, he highlighted a specific clause in the Overwatch Contenders 2020 ruleset regarding patch details. 

“Matches will be played on the Live Servers while the patch is still active and will move to OPR once the mid-January patch lands on Live Servers.”

It seems players will have to wait until after the Wonderland event before the patch is released on the live servers.

The Patch 1.43 has been released on PTR a month ago, it holds a lot of changes to heroes aimed to tackle the current shield meta.

Tanks that are part of the shield meta, Orisa and Sigma, received significant nerfs to their shields, along with the support, Moira receiving a nerf to her biotic grasp.

The Overwatch community has been very vocal about their frustration towards the current shield meta, asking Blizzard to make changes as soon as possible.

Content creators have also voiced their opinions after the patch wasn’t released on December 11 as expected by the community.

Popular Twitch Streamer Brian “Kephrii” St. Pierre tweeted at Overwatch.

“Imagine not releasing the @PlayOverwatch balance patch today. Meanwhile Apex released theirs & Halo Reach just dropped. Do you not want to retain your player base?”

Twitch streamer Fareeha also tweeted “What’s the difference between an old quilt and Overwatch? THE QUILT GETS REGULAR PATCHES”