Kephrii Accuses Top 500 Widowmaker main (Aimbottz) Of Hacking

Category: Overwatch, Date: 10/Feb/2020

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Twitch: Kephrii

Popular Twitch streamer Brian “Kephrii” St. Pierre accuses a top 500 DPS main, Aimbottz, of hacking and asks both teams to draw the game.

During an Overwatch game on Volskaya industries, the enemy team and Kephrii question the outstanding picks Kephrii’s teammate is getting on Widowmaker. Although Aimbottz is popular on the competitive player ladder, Aimbottz was on an alt account named “Meltdown” which made it hard for the players in the game to figure out who the mysterious player is.

As the game goes on Kephrii would ask Aimbottz on whether he is cheating or not, in which Aimbottz decides not to answer nor even join the voice chat.

The enemy team then decides to rule that Aimbottz is in fact hacking, Kephrii then calls both teams to draw the game and report Aimbottz for cheating. Still not identifying who he really is, Aimbottz informs everyone that he’s not cheating and he doesn’t understand why all players are drawing the game.

Aimbottz streams and has his own YouTube channel, and he happened to have this specific game recorded, he decides to upload the whole video on YouTube to prove that he’s not hacking and from the looks of the video it doesn’t seem like he is.

The video titled “Kephrii REPORTS ME AND DRAWS GAME – Aimbottz Overwatch TOP 500 Widowmaker Gameplay” didn’t stay up for long, Kephrii claimed the video for copyright infringements and took it down, stating that the title is misleading and deceptive. Aimbottz later reuploaded an edited video of the game with a different title.

This sparked more controversy among players on both Twitter and Reddit, with some siding with Kephrii, stating that Aimbottz should have identified who he was when he was first accused of cheating while others siding with Aimbottz stating that he isn’t obliged to identify himself and Kephrii along with the enemy team were throwing accusations, falsely reporting, and sabotaging a game. 

It’s pretty known in high ranked games when a cheater is detected, players will resort to drawing the game in an attempt to combat cheaters, but it seems that this method also backfires when the player in question is simply good at the game but isn’t well known among top players to be ruled as a non-hacker.