Jeff Kaplan Teases Changes To Baptiste's Immortality Field Are Coming

Category: Overwatch, Date: 07/Jan/2020

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Blizzard Entertainment

According to Overwatch game director Jeff Kaplan, Baptiste will be receiving changes to his Immortality Field.

Jeff Kaplan teased on a Reddit post in r/CompetitiveOverwatch that the Overwatch developer team has their eyes set on the Immortality Field and will try to make it less oppressive.

“We’re trying out some changes to Immortality Field to make it less oppressive, I missed the playtest today so I’ll ask the crew how it went,” Kaplan said.

Jeff didn’t give any details on how the developer team will change Baptiste’s Immortality Field.

Although Baptiste’s Immortality Field has the highest cool down in the game (20 seconds), it remains an oppressive skill capable of changing the course of a fight if deployed correctly. 

Ally heroes within the field will remain alive throughout the 8 seconds duration unless they step out of the field or the enemy team destroys the 200 health field generator.

Players have used creative tactics to prohibit the enemy team from taking out the field generator by strategically placing it behind a wall, the field will still function normally even if the generator is blocked by a wall.

Kaplan’s comment suggests that they might take other courses than increasing the cooldown of the skill or decreasing its health to make it less oppressive, they might add new methods to negate the immunity effect.

We can’t know what the exact changes will be, changes will probably hit the Public Test Region for players to test the changes around before they hit the live servers.