Jeff Kaplan Reveals That Moira Changes Are Coming and Addresses Overwatch Smurfing

Category: Overwatch, Date: 09/May/2020

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Jeff Kaplan

Overwatch lead designer Jeff Kaplan revealed that changes for Moira are coming to the experimental card and that the team is still working on combating smurfing.

During a question and answer session, the community managed to get some of their questions answered by Jeff Kaplan. One question, in particular, was the skill required to learn some heroes such as Moira and Brigitte that eliminate part of the learning curve for new players, where some skill assets are not required to learn but at the same time still manage to add a lot of game pressure on the enemy team.

“We want a mix of skill deltas across heroes. Part of what makes OW the game it is is the variety and diversity of skills and players,” Kaplan said. “With that said, changes coming to Moira on the experimental card soon.”

Kaplan added that they will not “dumpster” a hero as a part of the community would want, instead, the team will try to find fixes while maintaining the hero’s balanced state.

Another question was if the Overwatch team is working on solving the negative smurfing problem that is affecting the experience of players trying to climb the ladder. Kaplan said it isn’t always a bad thing to have two accounts, but throwing, boosting, and trying to manipulate matchmaking on another account is something they “hate.”


Kaplan added that he always pushes for phone verification on accounts but it doesn’t solve 100% of the problems. It’s always a challenge to find a solution that would completely eliminate negative smurfing.