Jeff Kaplan Comments On Overwatch Competitive Open Queue's Performance

Category: Overwatch, Date: 17/Apr/2020

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Overwatch’s Competitive Open Queue went live in the latest patch and comment from Jeff Kaplan suggests that developers might have future plans for the game mode. 

Before role queue came out, Overwatch players were able to play more than 2 heroes from a specific role, creating various setups, one popular composition is GOATS.

Although role queue eliminated some issues the game was suffering, part of the player base wasn’t glad about the change, and Competitive Open Queue mode, even if it’s an Arcade mode, is breath of fresh air.

On April 16, Jeff Kaplan left a comment on the Official Overwatch forums leaving us with some statistics and hinting that the mode could be staying around for a longer period.
“We’re discussing the future of the mode right now,” he said.

However Jeff didn’t go in detail on what exactly they have planned for the mode, and whether it’ll remain in Arcade mode or become part of the official competitive mode.


As for the statistics, Competitive Open Queue is surprisingly doing better than expected, especially on the Korean region (PC platform) where it hit 25% of playtime, coming in second after regular ranked which holds 34.6% of playtime.

If you’re looking into getting a feel of the old competitive mode now is probably the time and maybe we’ll be seeing Open Queue outside of Arcade in the future.