Jayne Talks About His Mental Health And His Future Content

Category: OverwatchBy: Sorryow, Date: 2/9/2019

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Justin “Jayne” Conroy, assistant coach for Dallas fuel and popular Twitch streamer suddenly streamed on Twitch, after announcing on Twitter that he’ll be stepping away from all forms of social media, all his fans were ecstatic for his sudden return.

Since a lot in the community keep asking Jayne whether he’s still with Dallas Fuel or not, he started off the stream stating that he will remain with Dallas Fuel as an assistant coach.
In an emotional stream, Jayne shares his struggles with suffering from bipolar two according to a diagnosis from his psychologist, going through mood swings, depression and anxiety. The Overwatch League and the stress that comes along with it only made things more difficult.

Jayne added that he doesn’t want bipolar to be his identity and shouldn’t be an excuse for any of his actions, it is part of him and he’ll deal with it through psychology or medication.
Jayne couldn’t finish out the Overwatch League season due to anxiety attacks, leading him to take a break to deal with his struggles, which left him disappointed in himself.
He has been feeling much better after stepping away from social media on July 14, he feels that he’s capable of streaming and making content again, this time he’ll be focusing on what makes him happy.

He also talked about his experience with “Evil people”. Jayne has been receiving hate beyond just criticism, something he shouldn’t have focused on and let it get to him, he will now be focusing on the positive people in his community.
For his content, his streams will usually be casual commentary from now on, while his educational content will mostly be on YouTube because it requires more critical thinking, ensuring that the information he gives out is correct.

Jayne wants to focus on lower bracket players by making it easier for them to develop their skills and grow to a professional level. This is where EloHell organization plays a role, organizing pickup games, weekly tournaments, and tournament series for contenders T2 and T3 players, which will help out in their “path of pro”. 

Tournaments will not only benefit players but also young staff wanting to start their “path to pro”. Casters, analysts, observers, producers, etc. Thriving people, eager to learn and gain experience will benefit their future to join the Overwatch League or Esports in general. Jayne decided that he’ll be using the money he makes from his salary on Dallas Fuel, his Twitch and YouTube revenue to help out EloHell achieve that.

“A thriving, loving, fun Overwatch community is more valuable to me than anything I could buy, so that’s kind of what I decided to do,” Jayne said.

Jayne is putting up a charity which works on four things, mental health, family relationships (For players wanting to join Esports), sponsorships for players leaving Esports, and the last one is females and LGBTQ+ promotion in Esports.