Jayne Is Planning To Start A Weekly Tournament For Contenders Players

Category: OverwatchBy: Sorryow, Date: 23/8/2019

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Justin “Jayne” Conroy assistant coach for Dallas fuel and popular Twitch streamer announced on his Twitter that he’s considering starting a weekly tournament for contenders players with the help of the Overwatch community.

Jayne has taken a break from all social media for a while after it negatively affected his mental state, deciding that avoiding social media and the negativity that comes along with it is the best choice for him to take.

Jayne seems to have returned stronger than ever, and hoping to once again create a positive atmosphere around the Overwatch community.

In his Tweet, Jayne mentioned that contenders players are currently on a break for 5 months, which would make an amazing opportunity for a tournament and using Patreon to gather a prize pool for the winners donated by the community.

A person tweeted at Jayne asking him to include high T3 players, which Jayne replied with:

“Would probably do the best non-academy (unpaid) teams, which would include high T3. I think that’s the best way that it could be run.”

Jayne will discuss with Elo Hell Esports staff to make sure it’s possible to implement the tournament legally and not have any complications with Blizzard.

“Going to discuss it with the @EloHellEsports staff this morning to see if this is actually possible legally and logistically.” Jayne Tweeted.

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