Jayne Discovers A Group Of “female PS4 Overwatch players” That Are anti- Muslim

Category: OverwatchBy: Sorryow, Date: 1/5/2019

On 30th April, Jayne the head coach for Overwatch team Canada and assistant coach for Overwatch Dallas Fuel, tweeted the following:

“This has got to be one of the strangest things I’ve ever encountered on social media…. a bunch of rich white girl themed bait accounts specifically for Overwatch”


Credit: @AskJayne

All the Twitter accounts have tweeted numerous tweets about supporting white supremacy along with awful comments regarding Muslims, either talking about them in game or just generally.

Overwatch is a well-known game with a diverse community. The developers have invested a lot of resources into ensuring a positive safe atmosphere. The horrific actions through those twitter accounts are not being taken through the game itself, we are not sure how Blizzard will deal with this, Blizzard has stated that they do monitor other platforms for any means of finding players that break their rules, such as Youtube.

This issue, of course, goes above and beyond just Overwatch. The tweets that are being shared through those Twitter accounts can be dangerous and have future negative effects, such as the Christ Church situation. Authorities should definitely take a look at this and make sure the the proper actions are taken. 

The number of people behind this is unknown, those fake twitter accounts can all be created by the same person or by individual people.

One of those accounts has been suspended while the rest are still active sharing more disgusting Tweets.