Is Overwatch Dead?

Overwatch was first launched in 24 may 2016, the game had enormous potential to it and was hyped beyond imagination.

and boy did Overwatch deliver. The game was a mix between an fps game and a moba game giving it it’s unique game style a long with attracting players from both gaming backgrounds.

Overwatch also attracted people that aren’t into gaming either for it’s diversity or it’s lore. Overwatch promised it’s fan base that it’ll include heroes that will represent a diversity bringing in Black, Asian, and White characters, along with different sexual attraction.

Even with all that Overwatch at the current time finds itself in a struggle, first and upmost it’s balancing. Overwatch went through a lot of balancing issues especially with the introduction of Brigitte. A hero that a huge number of the community has agreed to dislike, even going to the extent of creating a #deletebrigitte movement.

Overwatch went onto focusing on the Overwatch league, promoting it in the hopes of it growing to compete with the biggest E-sport competitors. That of course had to downsides on the community that aren’t “pro players” feeling as if the company has neglected them.

Considering all that and the fact that Overwatch has lost a number of amount of viewers on the biggest game streaming website “”, the question remains.. Is Overwatch dead? 

No, Overwatch is not dead. It might not be in it’s best spots right now but the game is far from dead and it might even do a come back if the developers take the right decisions for the better of the game.