Hangzhou Spark Suspends Krystal Indefinitely

Category: OverwatchBy: Sorryow, Date: 3/8/2019

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Blizzard Entertainment

Cai “Krystal” Shilong has been indefinitely suspended from Hangzhou Spark for failing to come back to the United States and constantly missing on team practices.
We talked in a different article that Krystal was sent a warning after staying in China for a longer period than what was agreed on, skipping on his practices and affecting the team negatively.
Today, Spark announced his indefinite suspension, sharing more details on Twitter regarding Krystal’s behavior.

Krystal had asked for his girlfriend to accompany him to the United States, Spark declined his request, but he still decided to join the team.
Krystal flew to the United States using the wrong visa, even after Spark reminded their players to use their P1 work Visa, which the competition demands. (Spark believes that Krystal did so on purpose).
Krystal had to go back to China on the 28th of January, he remained their in China until 21st of February stating he was sick and needed treatment and was unable to travel at that time, he continued to postpone until Spark sent him a violation letter, threatening to take legal actions if he doesn’t stop violating the rules. Krystal re-entered the United States using his P1 Visa, after affecting the team’s preparations negatively.
Things weren’t turning better for the Spark team after Krystal’s return. Krystal was suspended from competing due to account boosting.

Later on, Krystal demanded to have his role changed, which Spark accepted, but his behavior was simply negative especially after not making it in the starting line up, Krystal would miss on training and stay in bed all day, stating that Spark preferred Korean players over Chinese players.
Krystal asked to go to China due to family sickness, he again ignored the agreed period of absence he had, he used the delayed Visa as an excuse and later on stated that he was suffering from depression and was undergoing an examination.
A person on Twitter posted some information regarding Krystal, his mother wasn’t seriously sick and Krystal was spending most of his time streaming different games while staying in China.
Krystal still not returning, Spark decided to cut their losses and officially suspend Krystal indefinitely from the team.

Spark attempted to trade Krystal after these issues arose, with Krystal requesting moves to the Guangzhou Charge, the Boston Uprising, and the Washington Justice. He was rejected by all three teams.