Hangzhou Spark signs Ado As Their Projectile DPS Player

Category: Overwatch, Date: 13/Feb/2020

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Hangzhou Spark signs Ado As Their Projectile DPS Player
Robert Paul for Blizzard Entertainment

Overwatch League team Hangzhou Spark signs Chon “Ado” Gi-hyeon one week into the start of the new season, Ado will fill the projectile DPS role for the team.

Ado was part of the Washington Justice team throughout season 2 of the Overwatch League, the team didn’t perform well and ended the regular season at the 18th spot. The Justice managed to climb up to 4th rank after role queue was introduced to the League. With the team’s rocky season, Ado didn’t find much success to shine on the team.

The Hangzhou Spark was expected to have their first game in China, but due to concerns over the coronavirus, the Overwatch League decided to cancel all games taking place in China in February and march to ensure the safety and health of their players.

Instead, Hangzhou Spark’s first game of season 2020 will take place in South Korea against the Overwatch League 2019 champion the San Francisco Shock at 12 am CT.