Hangzhou Spark Issues A Public Warning to Krystal

Category: OverwatchBy: Sorryow, Date: 25/7/2019

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Hangzhou Spark Krystal

Cai “Krystal” Shilong, is a Chinese Overwatch player for Hangzhou Spark, specializes in the damage dealer role.

Today, Spark issued a warning publically on twitter against Krystal, in the tweet they mentioned that Krystal applied for a 10-day absence for his family sickness. Spark accepted the request, but Krystal didn’t return as promised on 15th of July instead he is still currently in China with his family. 

Spark facing difficulty with their damage dealer player absent for their scrims issued a “Public warning”:

1-    A warning is issued to Krystal.

2-    A fine will be applied on the days that Krystal has been absent on after the 10-days that were given.

Later on, someone tweeted that Krystal had replied to Spark regarding the whole ordeal, stating that his Visa did not pass until a couple of days ago, nor was he informed by the company that they had an absence policy and was unaware that he had to notify them.

The whole situation seems like a mess, we’re not sure why Spark had to announce publically the warning against Krystal, and it seems more of an internal issue that can be handled without it going up on Twitter. 

The team management seems to have also failed to communicate with their players regarding Hangzhou Spark’ policies and what is expected from the players, the whole situation could have been solved more professionally.