Freshnuts, Noobhunter and DOM Got Demonetized on Youtube.

Category: OverwatchBy: Sorryow, Date: 23/4/2019

Three Overwatch Youtube channels, Freshnuts, Noobhunter and Daily Overwatch Moments were demonetized around the same time on April 16th, 2019.

The three Youtube channels post daily clips on Youtube of popular moments streamers have had for viewers to watch, eliminating the need for the viewer to look for interesting clips by themselves.

Each channel shared the bad news publicly either on Youtube or through twitter.

Noobhunter wrote the following:

@FreshNuts Don’t stop the fight, lets keep it going! GO AGANE”

Credit: Noobhunter

While Daily Overwatch Moments posted the following:

 “End of our channel, we need your help…

Credit: Daily Overwatch Moments

Freshnuts, on the other hand, got the most attention on the matter, as they tweeted:

“I guess it was fun while it lasted. RIP  I’ll probably still continue making the videos because it really does help a lot of people and its fun. But I probably won’t be able to do it everyday because I’ll need to focus on other things now.”

Credit: @FreshNuts_OW

Freshnuts’s tweet got a lot of popular Overwatch streamers commenting on the tweet, such as Dafran, Jayne, Kabaji, Emongg, and ml7.

All of them shared their disagreement regarding Youtube’s actions, stating that they gave full permission for Freshnuts to use their content.


Credit: @AskJayne

Freshnuts themselves stated that they asked for permission to use the clips along with receiving thousands of clips from other Overwatch players to use their clips.

Also pointing out that a lot of channels have the same concept as they do (Fortnite channels) yet were not demonetized.

That all apparently was not enough for Youtube to change their mind regarding their decision, as Freshnuts, Noobhunter, and DOM still are demonetized.

Along with the positive and supportive reaction towards those three channels, there were other voices that agreed with Youtube’s decision, as they believed that those channels add no quality with barely any editing, simply using the content of other streamers and getting ad revenue out of them.