Fr3e Responds After Accusations of Sexual Assault On A Minor

Category: OverwatchBy: Sorryow, Date: 17/6/2019

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The Overwatch community has been shaken after the news about an Overwatch Contenders player sexually assaulting a minor while she was asleep. To read more about it.

As a result, the player, Fr3e, received massive backlash from the community and shortly after he was kicked from his team Meta Skyfoxes.

Today, Fr3e finally came out with a response on Twitter, in the response, Fr3e explained that everything that occurred throughout the relationship was consensual from both parties, holding hands and kissing, etc…

He later stated that he had, in fact, kissed his girlfriend on the cheek while she was asleep and hugged her, assuming that it was fine for him to do so since they had already kissed in the numerous times, he apologized as he assumed she’d be fine with it.

Fr3e continued pointing out that some of the accusations are lies or out of context as he had never taken his girlfriend’s cloth off while she was asleep, and the sorry he messaged on Facebook was simply apologizing for kissing her cheek and hugging her while she was asleep, it had nothing to do with him taking her cloth off.